Show your team spirit by waving your team's colors!  Put on your own personal light show at your favorite band's concert!  Meet your friends at a crowded or dark place by waving your favorite colors!  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

LightWave enables you to create your own light show which appears as a banner of multiple colors as you wave your iPhone back and forth.  Choose up to 5 color segments to be displayed as you wave. Use the "Wave Speed" slider to match the banner display with the speed of your personal wave rhythm.  When the banner finishes scrolling a metronome "click" will be heard. This audio cue will help you sync your wave with the speed of the scrolling banner.  Use the "Enable Sleep" switch to allow or prevent the iPhone from going dark while using LightWave.

  • Create a LightWave with from 1 to 5 color segments
  • 81 colors to choose from
  • Super simple user interface
  • No ads!